About Us

Aero 24'7 is a 'next generation' product and service that has been designed and engineered by industry specialist Valence Consulting Pty Ltd. Valence has been successfully integrating design and technology to deliver a high quality customer experience for more than twenty-five years.

Valence has delivered comprehensive visual communication solutions at many capital city airport terminals for flight information, wayfinder signage and operations management.

Over the last few years there have been dramatic changes in the technology landscape. Hardware technology has become highly commoditised. The exponential growth of internet capacity has led to a proliferation of large scale data centre facilities.

This is rapidly transforming the way that vertical solutions are being delivered to organisations on a global basis. No longer is it necessary to manage all of your infrastructure and expertise in house.


Leveraging our strong industry knowledge and expertise, Aero 24'7 has been created as a sophisticated and scalable airport solution that can be quickly implemented anywhere in the world.

Valence strives to realise the benefits of disruptive technology change on behalf of our customers. Our fundamental goal is to develop new products and services that meet the expectations of your customers.