Solution Editions

Aero 24'7 is offered in several different editions to suit a broad spectrum of needs. Our express and flex editions are provided as fully managed services and are 'Cloud' connected solutions. The integrator edition is an on-premise solution that is appropriate for complex integration scenarios.

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Aero 24'7 express is the ideal, cost effective solution for small airports. It provides simple choices, is easy to use and is quick to implement.

Aero 24'7 flex is the logical choice for airports that find the express concept appealing, but require additional customisation flexibility.

Aero 24'7 integrator is the on-premise solution in a classic deployment model for environments where complex local integration with other systems is required.

Aero 24'7 express provides a thoughtfully designed and generous package of baseline features. Our suite of stylish and elegant display formats have been professionally designed for aesthetic appeal and readability.

Aero 24'7 express is operated as a fully managed service. You do not need server equipment to be located at your airport and neither are you burdened with the task of maintaining the software installation.

Implementing a new Aero 24'7 express service is easy. Our streamlined engagement process will guide you through the basic provisioning decisions with the minimum of effort.

Equipment will be delivered to site, pre-configured and ready for installation on a 'plug and play' basis. Activation of the service is undertaken remotely as soon as installation has been completed.

Aero 24'7 flex also provides features to support larger, multi-site operations needing a 'federated' solution. Like express, Aero 24'7 flex is offered as a fully managed service.

Our platform is designed around the industry leading tool sets used by digital design studios. The creative possibilities are therefore virtually limitless.

Tailor the customer experience to suit particular zones in your terminal. Aero 24'7 flex supports highly complex, yet easy to maintain configuration sets. This controls how dynamic data is filtered, sorted and targeted to your digital infrastructure.

Some customers may choose to start with express for their initial installation and graduate to flex as their requirements evolve and the scale of their implementation increases.

All of the base functionality and capability of the express and flex editions is available in the integrator edition.

In addition to the level of customisation provided by flex, the integrator edition supports an array of industry standard technologies for acquiring dynamic data from other systems and blending that data with content that is locally managed.

Our engagement process for a flex or integrator implementation entails an efficient consultancy phase for requirements discovery and elaboration. This will allow for the bespoke design elements to be identified and scoped.

Aero 24'7 integrator should not be thought of as a fixed function system. It is open to extension in a variety of ways to meet evolving needs and whole new scenarios stimulated by future technology developments.